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Travelling and working are always at a tussle with each other, if you do one you cannot do the other and moreover, if you do decide not to do one and concentrate on the other, it will just keep pricking you at the back of your mind! How do we solve this paradox? How do we even begin to make it sound possible? The answer is right here, you can! Yes, you can earn while travel. Yes you can wander around without job.  In keeping with the colors of the traffic signal, RED is DON’T! YELLOW is stop and think and GREEN is GO! Let’s talk!earn while you travel

How to earn while travel?

Pen down you recent trip. What was your itinerary, which places you will suggest to every next traveler, which food amazed you?

Publish it with us!

Okay! So you’ve written an awesome brand new piece of 200+ words article with your photos. Just mail/message us.

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Now, share your awesomeness across all social media platforms you use by unique link. Grab visitors and earn! For every unique 1000 visitors, the writer gets up to 100 INR.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Writers are advised to read the “Terms and Conditions”. Participation in the contest shall imply that the participant has duly read and agrees to adhere to and bound by the “Terms and Conditions” stated herein.
  • Visitor counter refers “Unique visitors on unique link given to writer”
  • For each 1000 hits of visitor counter, writer is eligible to get 100 INR
  • The payment on visitor counter hits will be only applicable till 4 months after post date.
  • Content should be original, free from errors and creative.
  • Article has 300+ words including focusing keywords.
  • Content should include relevant photos either captured by writer or re-published after permission from the owner.
  • Article should pass COPYSCAPE test. (To verify re-distribution of content)
  • Post should not include pornography, sexual or racist content, which can harm sentiments of others.
  • All dispute matters are subjected to jurisdiction under Delhi High court only.