India is a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the globe. Be the temples, forts, lakes, wildlife, mountains, monasteries, festivals, cultures, language, history, India continues to astonish and attract both domestic and foreign travelers. Over the years, the government’s focus towards the tourism sector has increased as it understands that this industry could contribute to prosperity and brand building of the country.

The tourism department of Madhya Pradesh had come up with an ad campaign titled, ‘MP Mein Dil Hua Bache Sa’.

The commercial was the fifth in a series of brilliant ads created by the firm Ogilvy and Mather for the state tourism department. The ads got viral due to their use of vivid visuals along with melodious background tracks. The key insight to the campaign is that a toddler looks at the toys shown in the film with astonishment and stays amazed, similarly, when a traveler visits Madhya Pradesh for the first time, he/she is amazed to see the marvels of the state such as temples of Khajurao, Kanha National Park, sacred city of Ujjain, natural beauty of Pachmarhi, and others.

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Recently, MP Tourism came up with the behind the scene of this film and that made us in astonishment. The film was shot by Hungry Films and the idea was executed by Vijay Sawant and Dharam Walia along with the Ogilvy team. Check below official video released by MP Tourism facebook page.

The ad uses bobble-head dolls along with several indigenous toys to view MP from a child’s perspective. Combined with a young voice in the background score, this is sure to make you sing along.

In our opinion – it is a nicely done film with a different perspective. So, Welcome to the Heart of India! What do you think? Shouldn’t such endeavored efforts be appreciated and shared?