Arriving in any country, we pay attention to those things which are not generally obvious to our mind, our our mind is witnessing them for first time. After recent trip to India, I have stories and different emotions left more than from any other trip, I have made so far. For the same I decided to make a separate list of facts that surprised me the most!

“Nina, 25 years old, mathematician & system programmer, graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University. She has been to many countries of world. She writes about fashion style, travel and culture on here blog In this post, she is writing about her experience of recent trip of Indian cities.”

20 of the most interesting facts about India through my eyes.
Group of ladies from Rajasthan heading for fest!
  1. Vegetarian McDonald’s: In India, there is a McDonald’s. And there is no cappuccino! No beef and pork! The menu has some burgers with chicken (with very funny names like Chicken Maharajah spicy roll) or vegetarian (chop – cheese in breadcrumbs). There cappuccino is a dubious black drink with a thick sediment on the bottom in the pot.
  2. Inspection: At the entrance of the Delhi metro, CRPF cadets inspect like you’re entering in airport for a plane. Each entry is through metal detector which scans all the bags. There will be two queues: for women and men.
  3. Leather products/ eatables: Most of the sights in India – one way or another are connected with religion: be it temples, churches, cemeteries or mausoleums. In their territory you can not carry food (even a small bar at the bottom of the backpack), polyethylene (including plastic bags, lying in a bag), all leather goods (bags, belts, wallets, etc.)
    TravelCommunity Editor Edit: She is referring this experience from her visit of Akshardham Temple, New Delhi
  4. Sari: Almost all the women walk in a sari or other traditional costumes. They are always with a lot of decorations, bright colored fabrics, flyspeck on the forehead (bindi) and even sometimes with dyed hair parted in the middle. Bindi is a religious symbol that she is married.Indian woman wearing sari saree
  5. The widows: walk in white clothes without jewelry or embroidery on clothes. After her husband’s death, they begin to lead an ascetic life almost without leaving home, and it is considered bad luck, if we encounter widow in the street. This is due to the fact that in India, the main task of a woman – to take care of her husband.
  6. Rules of the road: does not exist here! you can ride on an opposite direction, on a circle against the direction of movement, even if the flow of trucks flying at you! There is no pedestrian crossings, no sidewalks (!!!), and no bump stop for parking of bicycles.

    Indian traffic travel
    His hand is acting as left indicator!
  7. The water in India: Indians save water for a long time. People used to wash once a month (regardless of income level). After washing the used water is further used to wash clothes, and then the animal and then watering. I loved it 😀
  8. Selfies:  The Indians, like many Asians adequately respond to the white people, particularly with blond hair and fair skin. They will fly all of sudden to ask you to be photographed with them. And if you agree to be photographed with one, it means that the whole of his family, too, will run towards you with their, grandmother, with her son, with her daughters, with their baby in her arms, all together, then only the women, then the father of the family .. . and then they left you without even saying thank you!
  9. A billion Indians: I expected to see ample of foreign travelers at famous travel destinations, I visited. But 99% of the tourists were the Indians. For them a ticket for entrance to the museum is ten times cheaper than us (if not free). Therefore, they were happily enjoying & sightseeing these places.
  10. Indian gestures: You know the most traditional Indian head shaking from side to side in the Indian dance? This is not just a dance move, and a sign of consent. As in Bulgaria and Greece, they shake their heads in the opposite direction, so the Indians shake their heads from side to side, adding to the “Ram Ram” or “Namstey”, and sometimes they are silent on what seems right that you are denied.

    udaipur rajasthan travel community
    Breathtaking view, isn’t?
  11. Zoo in the street: On the streets of India one can meet the animals more than we have in the zoo: cow, sheep, goats, monkeys, dogs, donkeys, pigs, wild boars, palm squirrels, parrots, camels, elephants, horses, mongoose … I think tigers is only remaining 😀 !
  12. Ticket prices: The price of tickets to all museums for foreigners is ten times higher. Of course, this is a standard situation, where locals get discount on the tickets. I understand if it is 2 times .. but when 10, it is much!

    travel destination in India
    But I do-not have any regret for paying 10x price of such marvelous architecture.
  13. The Indians like Russian: They knows how Putin rejoiced the Russian military and came to India. The Indian Army is flying our planes and floats on our ships. I was surprised that even the most simple, rustic India’s population knows about it ..

    So, here be a Russian beauty! (TC Editor’s Edit!)
  14. Trains with bars: The highest class train (first class) – looks like our economy class and economy – has 3 shelves in height, and lattice windows instead of glass, so that all the dust and sand from the street fly right in the car. In economy class trains you do not have glasses.
  15. Women: They can carry heavy baskets on their heads without holding their hands. I thought this can be seen only on postcards or paintings, but in all the cities on the small streets, you can see the Indian woman in a sari and with a basket on her head.nina in udaipur
  16. Maharaja: The descendants of the rulers in different areas still live in palaces and forts, even if they have long been moved to the museum status. Moreover, revenues from tickets they get too! And from their residences they builds the most expensive hotels in the world.
  17. M \ F: The queue at the museum ticket office and entrance for inspection is separate for women and men. A lady officer inspects the woman visitors behind some special curtain. Don’t know why!
  18. Muslims: There are a lot of Muslim in India. However Pork is not allowed to sell on cafes.
  19. The prices without taxes:  If you have to buy a drink of 500 rupee (around 450 russian ruble), they will add sevral type of taxes such state tax, alcohol tax, service, and the service charge of the restaurant! And finally, the drink will cost you around 625 rupee, sometimes even more. But crazy part here is, in 95% of the cafés the price on menu card does not include taxes. You have to make your brain smart enough to calculate and add 20-50% of price of each item.


TravelCommunity Editor: Nina will be continuing this series of her travel experience of Indian cities and will touch topics like safety of solo travelers in India, Indian hospitality, awesome Indian food and cheap travel destinations in India.

Till which extent, Nina is true about these facts? Kindly write down in comments. If you’ve some other facts in mind, do mention. She will add those in next post.